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Isolation of bituminous rolls

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What is the isolation of bituminous rolls ??? This type of insulation is considered waterproofing and it has several uses. It is used to isolate water from buildings. To isolate greenhouse surfaces. To isolate bathrooms and to isolate kitchens. Isolate tanks under construction. Isolate building rules. Swimming pools. Isolation of rolls is one of the best waterproofing at the level of insulators In the number of layers to be used. The isolation of biomass rolls is used to isolate water in multiple fields. It is used to isolate the solid surfaces and when building building rules for buildings. Basically, also to isolate the ground and upper tanks under construction. Isolating swimming pools, bathrooms, and kitchens is a type of waterproofing system for buildings that is used on flat surfaces or What is to prevent leakage and transfer of water from the roofs The coils are made of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic or modified bitumen, and this system of insulation is often used in commercial applications and has also spread in the insulation of residential buildings and private installations. Ingredients for isolating bitumen rolls: We present you with a brief description of the components of the insulation material, which is a bitumen compressed on a mesh of polyester fabric covered from two sides or one side with a layer of polyethylene tarpaulin or leaves a pure bitumen without adding or adding granite granules to it in sizes and shapes and Different colors depending on the purpose of its use, there are tampers used as a waterproofing for the surfaces and be without additives if it is used under the tiles and is covered with a silver layer and is to isolate the seashell roll as mentioned in the Saudi market if it was not covered with ceramics to contribute to the resistance of sunlight and there are the tampers User next to NH aqueous insulator have the appearance of decorative aesthetic, so Mahbhab Grainy granite colored to add the appearance of an aesthetic as you can control the Veadh number of layers of insulating material on the depending on usage can also add another layer, a layer of protection to protect the insulation from any cracking or sabotage better isolate surfaces in Riyadh companies. Method of using bitumenic roll insulation: An engineer is sent to the site for inspection, and then all notes are modified until the required and appropriate position with the water insulation has been reached. The rolls are then checked for the smoothness of the surface to be isolated as an example, whether casting or gluing it to the surface. The surface is cleaned with air pumps from Before the specialized work team, then the surface is painted with a primer material and the surface is left for a period of 24 hours in order for the primer to soften and reach all the pores on the surface. Then, two isolation layers are created on the surface and the flame is carried out with the first layer flame. Bitumen rollers are isolated and the second layer is What E protection and supply rolls are rolls according to the needs of the building and according to the client and can be used after the place was completed isolated. Characteristics of isolating bituminous rolls: They are in the form of rolls or rolls, as the insulation of rolls has thicknesses and they come in the following form: 2m ٣3m ميكروm3m ميكرو4m ميكرو5m ٥m as the various types depend on the specifications and manufacturers
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