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Tanks insulation company in Riyadh and washing and sterilizing tanks tanks are widely used in homes, villas and palaces, and in this regard appeared many companies that provide services for the tanks of washing, sterilization and isolation, and this service should be done in modern methods and types of devices, and must resort To the experts in this regard, as it concerns the water used by households in the homes, which must be clean so as not to cause any health damage to its users, and is one of the companies that have emerged in the current period in the field of washing, sterilizing and isolating water tanks. The importance of reservoirs in contemporary time: reservoirs are an important means in the contemporary time; in order to obtain an alternative source of water, especially for countries that do not have rivers, and therefore characterized by scarcity of water, and depends on the ability of desalination plants to provide water to citizens around the clock, Or rainwater, which is flooded in the form of floods, may be disrupted, or there may be repairs to the water lines that supply water to the houses. In this case, citizens use the water for their needs. For practice Active daily related to personal hygiene or food washing, etc. Isolation of reservoirs It is necessary to protect water tanks, and follow them periodically to avoid water leaks or heat, which neglect the risk of great, so as to prolong their shelf life and use them in an ideal way. Types of water tanks: Water tanks vary in terms of location, type and nature of use, for example, the upper or ground tanks, and there are tanks made of fiberglass or reinforced concrete or plastic or galvanized sheet, as the tanks vary according to the nature of use, including what is used in homes, including Is special for residential towers, including reservoirs that supply cities, including tanks used in public sectors. To ensure the efficiency of the water tanks, do the following: • Contract with reliable places to buy the tanks. · Choose the appropriate tank for the facility. · Contracting with a tank insulation company to ensure that the tank is valid and well insulated before using it. Why do we need to isolate the tanks? All types of tanks need to be isolated to protect them from the risks of water leaks and protect them from changes caused by weather factors and protect them from infiltration of bacteria and fungi, in order to preserve their efficiency in work and ensure the safety of water and not infected by any kind of pollution, Tanks in Riyadh to provide clean water and maintenance of tanks on a regular basis. Standards on which tank insulation company works: Isolated water tanks as soon as you discover the existence of water leaks or cracks in the roof or walls, where you should immediately contact with the tank insulation company to carry out its tasks using the best insulation materials, the company completes the insulation process taking into account the selection The time when the temperature is appropriate and depending on the type of mold and appropriate insulation materials and using the latest devices and technologies. Types of Tank Insulation: Tank Insulation Company uses a number of the best basic materials for insulation, including: · Bitumen: It is used in the external insulation of the tanks. Cement: a material that is mixed with other materials that enable it to isolate strongly and effectively. · Epoxy: a solid and strong material is strongly adhered to the surfaces, and does not interact with the components of water. Steps and stages of isolation of tanks: · The company first determines the type of tank and determine what material is made of them. Tanks are discharged from the water inside, and then cleaned. · Insulate the tank from inside by painting it with waterproofing material. · Apply another insulating layer thicker than the first layer. · Wait until the foam is dry and then test its effectiveness by filling the tank and detecting any water leaks. How to ensure the efficiency of the tank insulation company, and provide its services to the fullest? The efficiency of tank insulation company depends on several criteria, the most important of which are: · The use of insulation materials of quality and effectiveness and authorized by the competent authorities. · The use of the best tools and devices modern and certified globally. · Conducting isolation of reservoirs according to correct, sound and modern bases to ensure that there are no leaks or cracks. It is dangerous to ignore the periodic inspection of water reservoirs. You can use a tank insulation company to conduct periodic inspection and insulation if needed.
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