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Other than that, any foam insulation polyurethane company in Riyadh should use foam spray insulation to cover most of the areas required to be isolated, but cover the entire area to even the small places and holes that the insulation does not reach by the way of painting or roll-off. The thickness of the polyurethane foam insulation in Riyadh can be controlled according to the required thickness, which starts from at least 2 cm, and the foam spray shall be gradually homogenized until it reaches the required thickness and density. Best foam insulation company in Riyadh: The insulation of polyurethane foam in Riyadh is the best type of foam insulation that has been reached by modern science and technological development, therefore in this article we have placed in your hands the advantages of foam insulation and the insulation steps that our company uses as being the best foam insulation company in Riyadh .. Steps to isolate the surfaces by foaming polyurethane insulation company in Riyadh: 1 - The surface to be isolated from dust and dust shall be cleaned by air pressure by Foam Polyurethane Insulation Company in Riyadh. 2 - The materials consisting of the polyol and the acocyanite materials are placed in its machine and adjusted according to the required density and thickness. The thickness ranges between 2.5 cm to 5 cm and the density has several measurements starting from 35/40, 40/45, 45/50 and 55/60. 3 - The material is sprayed over the surfaces to be isolated evenly and at a distance of approximately one meter from the spray gun until the required thickness is reached and the surface is completely covered 4 - After the spraying process is finished, an acrylic insulation material is prepared and the acrylic insulation is applied over the foam layer using a roller to protect against ultraviolet radiation. This layer also helps to double the thermal insulation of the surfaces. Among the advantages of isolating foam in Riyadh with the following polyurethane: 1 - Foam insulation is a hydrothermal insulation, so its use saves money and time on other types of insulation, which when used requires two types of waterproofing only and thermal insulation only. 2- Insulating fast-absorbing foam on insulated and fast drying surfaces 3 - Insulating foam does not leave any place on the insulated surface that cannot be reached, even pores and small openings. The method of isolating by spraying reaches the smallest and permanently blocks it. 4 - Isolating foam and acrylic layer resistant to sunlight and corrosion for many years exceeding 10 years and in some thicknesses and density up to 15 years 5 - Insulating foam can be used on any type of surface, whether concrete, shinko, or brick In these videos, you can watch some of the polyurethane foam insulation works for some of our works on concrete, shinko and brick surfaces.


saddet aziz
saddet aziz
02 Jun 2021 07:54 AM
dear sir
we have a job for steel water tank apply and supply spray foam insulation with cladding work,
if you are interested please provide me email we send to your inquiry,
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