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Bathroom insulation company in Riyadh: One of the most important types of insulation is the insulation of bathrooms and kitchens, as every bathroom insulation company in Riyadh must carry out the insulation process before installing ceramic or marble. These places are considered among the places where water is used most frequently in the home. Water leakage can cause cracking of the bathroom or kitchen floor to address the cause of the leakage, but there is no need to worry. Any bathroom insulation process in Riyadh can be completed after installing ceramic or marble, especially by using cement insulation or epoxy insulation, but it requires a company specialized in insulation to master filling the voids, filling them with insulation and leaving it. Until it reaches the required hardness. The best bathroom insulation company in Riyadh with the latest equipment: Al-Hazaa Company is considered the best bathroom insulation company in Riyadh, as it uses the best types of bathroom insulation. Waterproofing materials include: films of various shapes and thicknesses, including asphalt, elastic, and non-woven fabric, to name a few. There are also some materials that are added to internal and external concrete or clay, which lead to increased impermeability. Protective coatings of all types and characteristics are among the most important types of waterproofing. The films are made of non-woven fabric in the design of water protection for highways, railways, canals, stadiums, etc. Foils reinforced with fiberglass and polyester constitute an essential element in protecting the final surfaces of residential facilities and buildings. Why are we considered the best company for insulating bathrooms in Riyadh using epoxy? One of the factors that made Al-Hazaa Company the best bathroom insulation company in Riyadh is its use of epoxy, which is one of the most important materials used to protect internal surfaces in facilities for the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. Epoxy has high chemical resistance and conforms to health and environmental safety conditions. As for plastic chips, they are mainly used when constructing waste ponds, in addition to their use in collection dams and artificial lakes. Types of bathroom insulation in Riyadh: In the following lines, we will review the types of bathroom insulation in Riyadh, which are as follows: First: Liquid bitumen is used for small surfaces, such as the sides of sills and bases, and is painted with a brush or roller. Second: Distilled burlap, which is burlap saturated with bitumen. Two layers of it are placed, each layer perpendicular to the other, with a 10 cm overhang for the edges. It is glued and covered with oxidized bitumen. The use of this type has decreased due to the emergence of other newer and better alternatives. The surfaces are painted with bitumen, then the roll of tarred burlap is spread out with a 10 cm overhang. The first layer of tarred burlap: The first layer of tarred burlap is painted in preparation for spreading the second layer perpendicular to it. Third: Fiber or polyester rolls, such as Insomat or Betonyl, which are an alternative to tarred burlap and are used for large surfaces such as carpets. The surface to be insulated is cleaned, then painted with bitumen, then the rolls are stacked side by side in one layer, making a 10 cm mount for them, then the mount is covered with fire using baghpuri, which is commonly used. There are self-adhesive rolls protected by a thin layer of smooth paper for easy removal when used. Uses of cement insulation for bathrooms in Riyadh? Cement insulation for bathrooms in Riyadh has many uses, as it is used to insulate basements, swimming pools, water tanks, and sometimes bathrooms. It is noted when isolating the foundations that all faces are isolated, including the lower side. For example, when isolating a reinforced base, the plain concrete face underneath is first isolated, thus isolating the lower face of the concrete base. Also, when isolating the smals, there must be a regular concrete bed underneath, the face of which is insulated, so that the lower face of the smals is isolated. Thus, in isolating the slab, the regular concrete bed is insulated before pouring the slab, because if the sides and back are insulated without insulating the lower face, the insulation will not be complete and will become useless. Why can you turn to a basement insulation company in Riyadh? Insulating basements is similar to insulating water tanks and swimming pools, and any basement insulation company in Riyadh plays the same role as any bathroom insulation company in Riyadh as well. During any basement insulation process in Riyadh, the basement insulation company in Riyadh breaks the weak areas of the concrete, such as the line separating the floor and the wall, the places where the columns meet the floor, at a depth of 5 cm, as well as any nesting areas in the concrete, the places of the gardeners, as well as the pouring joints and the places where water is released, if any. Then the basement insulation company in Riyadh fills the cracking places with water-based cement brick with the insulating material, and the zero tooth can be added to the cement brick in the places of deep cracking. Then a glass neck is made from the same mixture in the places where the walls meet the floor and where the columns meet the floor. Then the walls and floors are painted on both sides with a waterproof epoxy material. Ground floor floor insulation: It is known that after backfilling and compacting the foundations, a layer of regular concrete is made in preparation for finishing the ground floor of tiles, ceramics, or other materials. To protect the ground floor from moisture, the floor of the ground floor is insulated, and the insulation is directly on top of regular concrete, and one of the common insulation materials is used, such as insomat, bitunil, and similar types. It is noted that a protection layer is created for the insulation, and it consists of 5 cm ordinary concrete or a backing layer of mortar that is spread on the strings at the top of the insulation so that it is at one level and level. Insulating bathrooms in Riyadh: It is known that the concrete level of the bathroom floor is 10 cm lower than the rest of the ceiling, and before the bathroom insulation company in Riyadh begins the plumbing section for the bathroom, the bathroom floor and part of the walls are insulated at a height of 20 cm using one of the methods of insulating the bathroom floor. Therefore, the bathroom insulation company in Riyadh must cover the bottom of the buildings with a thickness of 20 cm to be able to insulate them, because the buildings, especially the bricks,
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