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Detection of water leaks in Riyadh without cracking

How to detect water leaks without cracking or sabotage?

The leakage of water in the house or company may seem to be a minor problem and may be ignored by some and ignore the serious impact that may lead to the demolition of the building as a result of saturated with high water. What is waterproofing? Water leakage is the exit of water in one way or another from the pipes that are supposed to water to the walls, ceilings or walls and with the continued leakage of water to them erosion in the construction and therefore it is important to detect water leaks without cracking. At an early stage before the building is saturated with water, because the water is one of the greatest blessings that Allah Almighty has bestowed upon us and is one of the essential basics for the continuation of life, and because many peoples have water shortages and die of thirst and do not find a point of water gives them life, so no Water must be maintained and not wasted, and periodic inspection of water pipes and bathroom facilities and kitchen by experienced specialists in the field. Here are several reasons for the problem of water leakage inside the building: Leaving the faucets open and not paying attention to closing or forgetting continuously, or the existence of damaged faucets and lack of attention to repair. Sudden cracks in drinking water pipes, or sewage pipes, may be because they are old and need to be changed, and may be weak and cannot withstand high water pressure. Rain falls a lot on the roofs of buildings, especially non-insulated surfaces. Consequences of the problem of water leakage A sudden rise in the water bill and it becomes continuous. Cracks in the walls, ceilings or floors are bulges and can appear in more than one place at a time. The presence of moisture in the walls with yellow spots. Hear the sound of water flow can not determine its source, and sometimes can determine its source. The spread of insects in the place as a result of the presence of much leaked water. Continuous power cuts due to water reaching the electrical wires. The possibility of electric charges coming down with tap water, or when the water motor is opened, an individual may feel electricity. Separate, fall, or break tiles from the floor or walls. One of the advantages of the company to detect water leaks without cracking to detect all places causing water leakage and even small holes, all without cracking. The presence of engineers specialized in the detection of water leaks of all kinds, and technicians, and workers with high experience in the field, able to detect water leaks easily without cracking as a result of the use of modern American devices such as the Gyocer device and AquioMaster device, and insulation materials and modern techniques that are used accurately and skill. Competitive prices. Accuracy and commitment at work. Work is done in record time without any breakage and without any damage to the place. Not to leave work until the customer's satisfaction is complete, and to address the leakage at the best quality. In order to avoid the problem of water leakage and to preserve water and not waste it is the best of God, and to avoid wasting money, and to avoid all the problems mentioned in the previous lines must rationalize water consumption, and close the tap tightly, and repair all taps in case of damage by specialists, in addition To use the competent company to detect water and sewage pipes, monitor water bills and walls of the building, and not to leave the accumulated water on the roof of the building, in addition to attention in the case of insects or interruption of electricity continuously, especially if at home only without neighbors.
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