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Nofal paint

Nofal paint

Product Description Product Code: JA-16059 Novell Paint: A pure and odorless quarter-gloss water-based paint, with unique properties that give it adhesion strength, high resistance to stains, ability to be washed with water and detergents, in addition to resistance to bacteria and the spread of flames. Features - Washable with water and detergents. - Resistant to stains. - odorless. - Healthy paint. Resistant to microbes. Resistant to impact friction. Excellent coverage. High prevalence. Excellent color fastness. - Resistant to flame spread. - Fast drying. - Super smoothness, it is recommended to be used as a final layer in interior applications on concrete, cement, gypsum and brick surfaces in elegant and luxurious places and upscale areas such as: palaces, hotels, homes, hospitals, residential complexes, halls and all crowded interior areas that require high resistance to stains and sanitary properties. Painting System • Base: Apply one coat of "Al-Jazeera Green Prime". • The middle layer: Apply two coats of "Al-Jazeera Green Potty". • The final layer: two coats of "Al-Jazeera Nofal". The type of surface is concrete, cement, gypsum and brick surfaces. Application Tools Anaerobic Spray Gun Pneumatic Spray Gun Roller Brush Thinning Fresh Water Available Sizes Barrel 18 Liter 18 Liter Gallon 3.6 Liter 3.6 Liter Gallon 3 Liter 3 Liter 900ml Bottle 0.9 Liter Barrel 16.2 Liter 16.2 Liter
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